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Glenn's Reel

"The Interns" James (19 years old): James is a boy genious and the youngest graduate of his medical school class. He usually finds himself caught in the middle of things because of his best friend Scott.

"Office Problems" Chip (20 years old): recently promoted in the office, Chip struggles to keep all of the office personalities in check while keeping the business from crumbling right before his eyes. Think Michael Cera or a young Paul Rudd.

"My Patient" Benjamin (25 years old): Benjamin is set to take over the surgical practice of his mentor; however, their strong bond is being tested by life.

"The Artist" Jack (18 years old): Jack is the new kid. He's used to moving from place to place and finds comfort in his sketch pad. He would rather draw than make new friends.

Fun Fact: Glenn is a classically-trained opera singer with a lovely tenor voice!


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Charles (21 years old): Intelligent, driven. Recognized as a boy genius early in life, Charles is the youngest & most promising student in his med-school class. Think Ken Jeong.

"Timed Glass" Kevin (18 years old): Sweet & loyal as a puppy dog. He loves his video games but longs to make a connection with his classmates. He as a crush on Julie but would never tell her.

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